Scrooge McDuck is a Scottish Anthropomorphic Duck created by Carl Barks. Scrooge McDuck premiered in Four Color Comics #178 Christmas on Bear Mountain published in December 1947. Over the years he has come from a supporting character in the Donald Duck universe to a having his own comic book series and universe. He and Carl Bark have gotten a large amount of international popularity especially in Europe. His name is based on the Charles Dickens character Ebenezer Scrooge and his history is most likely based of the life of the Scottish born industrial steel baron Andrew Carnegie who also left scotland at a young age.



Scrooge McDuck as many wealthy people started from the bottom and worked his way up. He started his vast fortune at eleven when he received his number one dime when he was shoe-shining. From that point he tried to get more money which now is stored in his Money Bin overlooking Duckburg. He is currently the richest duck in the world. He calls his money "just petty cash". His hobbies include Diving into his money, burrowing into it, and throwing into the and and feel it fall on his head. He is also a member of The Billionaires Club of Duckburg, a society of the worlds most successful billionaires and allows them to keep connections with each other. Some members other than Scrooge include Flintheart Grimgold and John D. Rockerduck.

The net worth Scrooge McDuck is disputed but according to The Second Richest Duck, Scrooge is worth one Multiplujillion, nine Obsquatumatillion, six hundred twenty-three dollars and sixty-two cents.


Scrooge is not formally educated, as he quit school at an early age. However he has a sharp mind and is ready to learn new things.

Because of his second occupation as a treasure hunter, he has become something of a scholar and an amateur archeologist. Scrooge has often done extensive research on several writings in search for certain passages that might lead him to treasure. As for all of this search he has collected a large library including rare texts. His most prized one is an almost complete collection of Spanish and Dutch 16th and 17th century navel logs. Their references can lead him to sunken ships recover their treasure.

Scrooge McDuck in Animation

Scrooge McDuck's first appearance in an animated from was in the 1967 show Scrooge McDuck and Money where he teaches his nephews some financial tips. He later appeared as Ebenezer Scrooge in Mickey's Christmas Carol, an animated version of the dickens classic.

His biggest role in animation is in the animated series DuckTales, which is loosely based on the Carl Barks comics. In the series he is in charge of Huey, Dewey, Louis while Donald joins the navy. Scrooges persona is toned done in the series compared to the comics, his ruthlessness is played down considerably and his often abrasive personality is reduced in many episodes to that of a crotchety but lovable old uncle. Still during the first season there are still similarities to bark's Scrooge McDuck.

Counterparts (Mickey Mouse version)

Counterparts (DuckTales version)



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