Scruff's Easter Egg Hunt will be the twelfth episode of the seventeenth season of Thomas and Friends.



  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Scruff
  • Paxton
  • Sidney
  • Murdoch
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Bash and Dash
  • Ferdinand
  • Butch
  • Rocky
  • Annie and Clarabel
  • Cranky
  • The Fat Controller
  • Whiff (does not speak)
  • Harold (does not speak
  • Captain (does not speak)
  • Rosie (cameo)
  • Dowgar Hatt (cameo)
  • The Bird Watcher (cameo)


  • The Town Hall
  • Knapford Station
  • Whiff's Waste Dump
  • Sodor Search and Rescue Centre
  • Misty Island
  • Logging Station
  • Shake Shake Bridge
  • Brendam Docks
  • Sodor Slate Quarry


  • Stock footage from Creaky Cranky and Stuck On You is used.
  • Scruff gets a main role for the very first time.
  • This is Annie and Clarabel's first speaking roles in the CGI series.


  • Scruff is clean at the easter party, but in Thomas and Scruff, he was scared of being clean.
  • Captain is gone when Scruff puffs away.
  • Annie and Clarabel's middle windows are missing.

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