Scruffey the Truck and Friends (Terence/Toby (Version 2) version) Take Along was is a fan-fiction thing to make.



  • Scruffey the Truck
  • Nantucket the Tramper
  • Henry the Green Engine
  • Arthur the LMS Engine
  • Spamcan the Blue Diesel
  • Douglas the Scottish Twin Engine
  • Terence the Tractor
  • Harvey the Crane Engine
  • Alfie the Excivator
  • Rheneas the Narrow Gauge Engine
  • Old Slow Coach the Brown Coach
  • Bulgy the Double-Decker Bus
  • Mallard the Blue Tender Engine
  • Harold the Helicopter


  • Toad the Breakvan
  • Tower the Crane
  • Mavis the Quarry Diesel


  • Den and Dart (2 pack)
  • Isobella the Lorry
  • Ferdinand the Logging Locomotive


  • Rocky the Crane
  • Top Hat the Railway Tug
  • BoCo the Diesel Engine
  • Den (single: UK only)
  • Dart (single: UK only)
  • Billy and Luke (Two pack)
  • Billy (single: UK only)
  • Luke (single: UK only)


  • Duncan the Narrow Gauge Engine
  • Zorran the Z-Stack
  • Ten Cents the Tugboat
  • Victor the Sodor Steamworks Engine
  • Belle the Blue Tank Engine
  • Sunshine the Star Tugboat

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