Main Spirits the Caern

The Sept Sept Totem, the Sea Drake is a mighty spirit. No one knows for sure why this spirit came to New Hope, but the eldest theurge believes its most likely due to the large presence of the Fenrir, as well as the Fenrir alpha at the time of the creation of the caern.

Seadrake is the cold, cruel sister of Firedrake. She catches her foes in her coils and crushes them to death, or drags them deep beneath the waves to drown. She is the patron spirit of the seas yet uncharted, and the manifestation of the ocean's ability to kill. She loves Gaia and the majesty of the sea, but is a wrathfuls pirit, and therefore one of Fenris' favorite allies.

Ban: Seadrake demands the offering of living foes bound and hurled into the ocean to drown. Her packs must sacrifice a foe to her in this way once each season at the least.

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