This is my Pokémon Adventure, including Pokémon from all the regions (even Sinnoh!).

Part 1: Start of the King of Pokémon's Career! ^_^

So, you're all wondering how I'm such a Pokémon expert, huh? Well, here's how. Read on, you could learn from this! Note: In Pokémon Diamond/Pearl you don't start with a Drifloon!

Chapter 1: The First Pokémon!

Sean walked about past a traintrack, on a sandy path. A train hurtled by as Sean kicked a rock down the path. In the distance, Sean could see Drielberg Town. Sean tried to scurry there, but he ran out of energy and fainted.

Minutes later, Professor Rafflesia, the Pokémon Expert came up to Sean and shook him.

"Wake up! Wake up! Come on! Wake up!" he said.

"Say wha.. wha.. AHH! Who are you?" Sean replied.

"Oh, come on! Don't say you don't know me! I'm Professor Rafflesia, the Pokémon expert!" said Rafflesia.

"Umm... nope. Not ringin' a bell. And what the heck is a Pokémon, anyway?" asked Sean.

"Ughh... Pokémon are creatures that you can use to help you in battles and things outside of battle like cutting down thin trees and smashing cracked rocks!" replied Rafflesia.

"Er.. O.K., could ya get me one of these... Pokémon?" asked Sean.

"I'll be back in a second." said Rafflesia, running off into his lab.

Less than a minute later, Rafflesia came running up to Sean holding 4 Poké Balls.

"Choose one!" said Rafflesia.

"I pick... That one." said Sean, randomly picking a Poké Ball. The Ball opened and out came a Drifloon.

"Drif! Drifloon!" said Drifloon.

"Ah, Drifloon? He was neglected by his other trainers, can you take good care of him? Please? Or he will run away and never come back and you will lose him, he drifts away like a balloon!" said Rafflesia.

"Oh, it's so cool! Hey, Drifloon! I'll take good care of ya. You're so cool. And I finally have my own Pokémon!" said Sean.

"Loon!" said Drifloon, drifting over to Sean and perching on his shoulder. Sean gave the thumbs-up sign to Rafflesia. Rafflesia smiled back.

"All right! I got a Drifloon!" cheered Sean.


My Drifloon!

Chapter 2:Training up my Drifloon!

So, with his trusty Drifloon at his side, Sean set off into Route 1.

A guy called Terry challenged Sean to a battle. (NOTE: All Pokémon in this game have 100 HP)

Battle 1: Sean vs. Terry

Terry sent out Pachirisu (Level 3)

Go! Drifloon! (Level 5)

Pachirisu used Quick Attack! Drifloon took 12 damage (88/100)

Drifloon used Astonish! Pachirisu took 49 damage (51/100)

Pachirisu used Growl! Drifloon's Attack was reduced by 1 (28>27)

Drifloon used Constrict! Pachirisu took 35 damage (16/100)

Pachirisu used Tackle! Drifloon took 15 damage (73/100)

Drifloon used Astonish! Pachirisu took 16 damage (not to go below 0)

Pachirisu fainted!

Drifloon gained 16 EXP. (19 - 16 = 3 / 3 EXP until level 6)

"Ha! I've still got one more!" said Terry.

Terry sent out Magnemite (Level 2)

Magnemite used Tackle! Drifloon took 10 damage (63/100)

Drifloon used Constrict! Magnemite took 16 damage (84/100)

It's not very effective...

Magnemite used Tackle! Drifloon took 8 damage (55/100)

Drifloon used Astonish! Magnemite took 45 damage (39/100)

Magnemite used Growl! Drifloon's Defense was reduced by 1 (31>30)

Drifloon used Astonish! Magnemite took 39 damage (not to go below 0)

Magnemite fainted!

Drifloon gained 11 EXP. (3 - 11 = -8 / Drifloon is level 6. 8 EXP. is taken from the 38 needed to level up to level 7! 38 - 8 = 30 / 30 EXP. until level 7)

"Oh, I thought I was gonna win!" said Terry.


"You thought wrong, kiddo. Man, I actually won!" said Sean.

Sean gained £75!

"Hey, take five Poké Balls. You can use them to catch wild Pokémon. See you around!" replied Terry.

TO BE CONTINUED AT Sean's Poké-Adventure 2

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