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thoams and friends season 18 will air in spring 2013


1.derek and dasiy:-derek is teased by arry and bert,becase he keeps overheating.

2.sidneys new day-:many diesels work in the sodor dieselworks,diesel,paxton,sidney and other diesels but sometimes diesels can be tricky,when poor sidney found out.when he has to take a break for the first time.

3.everything is diffirent:-molly,murdoch,bill,ben and boco find out that somethings have to change and are worth waiting for.

4.narrow gauge,narrow gauge:-rusty,skarloey,rhneuas and peter sam enjoy working on the skarloey railway.

5.welcome back-:theres a buzz of excitement on sodor,charlie,thomas,flynn,boco,bertie the bus emily, and the rest are gatherd to welcome back hank,flora and colin

6.dancy duncan-:duncan still hasen't leared his lesson from rock-n-roll this time sir topham hat isn't around,bikes and likes-:bulstrode and duck hate each other,if only bulstrode haden't been so mean then they would be friends,even,gordon,james,charlie and percy have seen how bad bulstrode is!

8.arry,bert and stafford-:thomas gets worried when arry and bert tease stafford about being a electric-engine.

9.stop bulling-:thomas,james,edward,percy and emily get tired of diesel,arry,bert,sidney and normen making fun of the other engines

10.spencer,donald,douglas and dennis-:engines from diffirent railways work together to make a new building.

11.duke and the musem-:duke finds that a new building is being build.

12.percy,thomas and the UFO-:billy tells thomas and percy that he just saw something in the sky (which was harold).

13.emily and the parcel-:emily has an important parcel to pick up from maron station


  • thomas
  • percy
  • gordon
  • edward
  • emily
  • thumper (deleted scene)
  • bulstrode
  • billy
  • duncan
  • skarloey
  • reneuas
  • rusty
  • peter sam
  • sir handel
  • duke
  • henrey
  • toby
  • diesel
  • arry\bert
  • paxton
  • sidney
  • normen
  • den\dart (den cameo)
  • harold
  • salty
  • duck
  • stafford
  • colin
  • cranky
  • charlie
  • flynn
  • belle
  • freddie
  • mighty mac
  • molly
  • spencer
  • murdoch
  • hank
  • flora
  • scruff
  • hiro (delted scene)
  • victor
  • kevin (cameo)
  • elizbeth (does not speak)
  • dennis


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