Season 2 ideas is an article where people can post thier ideas for DVDs and toys which are something to do with Season 2 of Thomas and Friends.



  • Edward the Blue Engine Collection (Episodes: Cows, Bertie's Chase, Saved from Scrap and Old Iron)
  • Thomas and Percy's Coal, Ghosts and More Stories (Episodes: Thomas, Percy and the Coal, Thomas and Trevor, Percy and the Signal, Duck Takes Charge, Percy and Harold, The Runaway, Percy Takes the Plunge, Better Late than Never, Thomas Comes to Breakfast, Daisy, Percy's Predicament, Ghost Train, Woolly Bear and Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree)


  • The Diseasel and other Thomas Adventures (Episodes: The Dieseasel, Percy Proves a Point, A Cow on the Line, Donald and Douglas, The Deputation, Daisy, Pop Goes the Diesel, Diesel's Devious Deed, A Close Shave for Duck, Wrong Road and Bertie's Chase)



  • Ghost Percy



  • Donald without Nameplate
  • Douglas without Nameplate

Take 'N' Play

Multi-car Packs

  • BoCo's Oily Diseasel with BoCo and 2 oil tankers

My First Thomas


  • My First Thomas, Percy and the Coal Set with Coal Thomas, Coal Percy, Toby, Troublesome Truck with Coal and a Breakvan


Greatest Moments

  • Donald with Snowplough (from The Deputation) with a Troublesome Truck and the Sodor Works Unit Van


  • "Duck Takes Charge" with Percy, Duck, James, Henry, Gordon, Troublesome Trucks, Express Coaches, Tidmouth Sheds Layout and Knapford Station Layout

Wooden Railway

Limited-edition items

  • A Close Shave for Duck Collector's Piece
  • Saved from Scrap Collector's Piece


  • Wrong Road set


Train Sets

  • Ghost Train Electric Train Set (with Bonus DVD)



  • Edward, Bill and Ben at China Clay Works (Including Edward, Bill, Ben, 2 China Clay Trucks and a DVD with The Diseasel and Edward's Exploit)

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