Mud Glorious Mud and Other Adventures


  1. Edward the Very Useful Engine
  2. Not So Hasty Puddings
  3. Missing Trucks
  4. Mud Glorious Mud
  5. A Friend In Need
  6. Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party


  1. Night and Day
  2. Togetherness
  3. Engine Roll Call


  • Narrated by Michael Angelis.
  • Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party is restored.
  • The engines puffing by sequence is used for the DVD.

Front Cover

  • Thomas and Isobella

Back Cover

  • Jack, Alfie, Byron and Ned

Oliver Owns Up and 17 Other Stories


  1. Oliver Owns Up
  2. Granpuff
  3. Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady
  4. Trucks!
  5. Bowled Out
  6. Fish (S4)
  7. James and the Trouble with Trees
  8. Toby and the Flood
  9. Thomas and the Rumours
  10. Rusty and the Boulder
  11. Buffer Bother
  12. Faulty Whistles
  13. Best Dressed Engine
  14. Thomas Saves the Day
  15. James Gets a New Coat
  16. Henry and the Flagpole
  17. A Smooth Ride
  18. Thomas and the Shooting Star


  • Narrated by Michael Angelis.
  • Oliver Owns Up is restored.

Front Cover

  • Oliver from "Oliver Owns Up"

Back Cover

  • The episode summaries

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