Seattle is a city in the United States and an Enclave.

Upper Seattle

Upper Seattle is home to many citizens both alien and human alike. Upper Seattle is home to a Tarsus Academy, a popular club known as Club Vox, several apartments, and a zoological facility. The Enclave is also home to a Pequods Coffee shop. The Enclave is run by the WTO, and was one of the first North American Enclaves after the Collapse in 2027. The streets are patrolled by SSC and WTO soldiers alike.

Lower Seattle

Lower Seattle is one of the most poor parts of Seattle. The Omar, run a black market down there. Also, down there is the Seattle Headquarters of The Order, an intolerant group of Religious Fanatics. The streets of lower Seattle are also home to Transgenics kept as pets or living in the sewers. A crime boss named Sophia Sak, has been exploiting citizens in Lower Seattle for years, having Karkians and her own private SSC Squad. When she was found doing this, she was quickly arrested when a member of her own squad turned against her.

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