Imperial War


Imperial War (near beginning of conflict)


Combined Armies Civil War, New Republic Civil War, Hutt-Mandalorian War

Second Dark War

44 ABY


46 ABY


The Galaxy, concentrated in the galactic south, east, and center

  • Great expansion of the Combined Armies
  • Rise of the Leonharts
  • Collapse of the Combined Armies
  • Assassination of Chancellor Vicor
  • Beginning of the Civil Wars

Combined Armies

New Republic


"This is no victory, my young friend. Thousands have already fallen, both sides survived, and the Republic is already in chaos. This 'Great Battle' for Coruscant is but the beginning... ...a second Dark War has begun, and it is destined to be more terrible than the first..." -Master Isaac Leonhart

The Dark War has begun. Following an assault on Coruscant, the Combined Armies of the Dark Order, Sith Order, and Imperial Remnant have retreated back to the farthest and nearest corners of the Galaxy to plan and launch a series of offensives against a beleaguered New Republic and the slowly growing Jedi Order.

From an ancient fortress above a planet of the same name, Lord Lion foresees a long, constant struggle. From the halls of the Jedi Temple, Masters Jin Zar, Isaac Leonhart, Jaden Zin, Zann Riegal, and even Luke Skywalker himself, all sense a long struggle ahead. From the corridors of the Senate, Senators and the newly rescued Chancellor Vicor all debate over the next action that should be taken. From the High Command of the Imperial Remnant, the finest Admirals, Commanders, Generals, and Strategists all begin to compile their finest and most ingenious plans to be employed by the merciless and War-Hungry Sith Lords...

...The Dark War has begun.

Causes of the Second Dark War

Prelude to War

Initial Movements and the First Battle of Coruscant

The Naboo Campaigns

The War Intensifies

The Darque Legion

Excellior and the Second Battle of Coruscant

The End of the Combined Armies

The Ascension and Gathering

Last Battles of the War

Battles of the Second Dark War:
Mustafar - Kamino - Rhen Var - Kuat - Corellia - Balmorra - Bilbringi - Fondor - 1st Coruscant - 2nd Naboo - Incursion on Dagobah - Kashyyyk - 3rd Naboo - Mon Calamari - Encounter Over Mustafar - Attack on the Senate - Mission to Mygeeto - Hoth - Dantooine - Excellior - 2nd Coruscant - Junction - Bastion - Sedi and Ilum - Arbra - Sump

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