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Epidemiological analyses of violence/ethnic conflict/genocide:
Case Study: Darfur, 2000-2007
Epidemiological data provided for Darfur by GIS/google-Earth IMAGINT(published), the Holocaust Mem./google-Earth IMAGINT, and unpublished sources.
A programmable epidemiological models: STEM and OpenEPI. See also w.EPIsources and w.IDmodels for general online epidemiology.
For documentaries about the situation in Darfur, see TheDevilCameOnHorseback, FRONTLINE(2005), and SaveDarfur.

Hypothetical Case Study: Equateur
Principally for model-building and validation, simulation, training, and policy analyses. More information on EQUATEUR and a report on the Equateur simulation.

Journal submission: Conflict and Health (BioMed Central)?

Epidemiological/Medical Anthropology Field Surveys and Studies

Biomarkers for Neglected Tropical Diseases
Xenobiologics BioSurveys

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