Second Legion (LEGI II Alacran Prieto)

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1st Cohort

1st Alae Infanrty U/I Maniple 1st Eng Co 2nd Medical o 2nd Infantry 3rd Infantry 1st Adef Co 1st Adef Suppt Co 1st CAV Maniple 1st Motorized Conterburnium

2nd Alae Infantry 1st Suppt Co 22nd PSYOPS 23rd RECON 23/2 Light Scout 23/3 Sniper 1st Air Ground Controllers 2nd Air Ground Controllers 1st Conteburnium Suppt 1st Space/Ground Liasion

3rd Alae Infantry 1st INF 2nd INF 3rd Arty 1st/3 Arty Co 2nd 3 Arty Co 3rd/3 Art Co 1st Spt 1st MEd U/K Air Assault

4th Alae Infantry U/K

5th Alae Infantry 1st Maniple Light INF AUX 2nd Maniple Llight INF AUX 3rd Maniple Light INF AUX 1 Sniper Maniple 2 Sniper Maniple 3rd AUX

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