Second Rain

The Second Rain (SR) is an event that happened in the Four Colour Collective (FCC) Past Universe.

The Second Rain

The Second Rain was the name given to the event where, in the passing of but one night, the Old Races all but destroyed both themselves and the world upon which they lived. The reasons behind the warring between the Old Races are not known; and neither are the methods that they employed. Those scant few races that still live today that number amongst the Old either do not remember, or refuse to tell the Young Races. But such was the power unleashed upon that single night that many civilisations greater than anything that would come after them fell, and still lie buried in ruin today.

The timeframe of events that happened afterward is also scattered, and varies from race to race. Certainly, the Great Train of the Orock was amongst the first of the immediate effects of losing so many species and races, and many scholars willing to dabble in such affairs believe this to be the first instance of a Young Race fully emerging.

The Young Races soon spread across the Known World, settling in the ruins of the Old Races. What little traces remain of the Old was soon overtaken and adopted by the Young.

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