The Second Reborn was a splinter group of the Imperial Remnant after the collapse of the Empire Reborn.


The Second Reborn was an attempt to ressurect the Empire Reborns's "Glourious ideals" as their leader, Fleluron, would later say.

Fleluron was a Dark Jedi of the Arhan species. He idolised Hethrir and was distraut at his death. Fleluron would take his familie's wealth and create the Second Reborn to avenge him.

After purchasing 5 Reborn of Tavion and the Disciples Of Ragnos, he began cloning them for his army. He also gained funds from former Empire Reborn members and the Imperial Remnant.

Fleluron, with his new twi'lek apprentice; Ven Or, would attack the jedi temple on Yavin 4. This disastorous raid saw off the majority of his army and his apprentice.

Luke Skywalker would then attack the Second Reborn's base on Taspir III with a force of Jedi. There he would see off the remaining Reborn Clones and the rest of Flelurons army. Fleluron would then attempt to escape his 74-Z speeder bike. Luke would chase him and it would develop into a lightsaber duel. Luke eventualy killed Fleluron using Sai Tok and destroying the Second Reborn.

Members of the Second Reborn


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Notable Members