The Second United Nations Charter of 2221CE was thought by all statesmen at the time to herald a new golden age – the Pax Terrana. The heart of the Second Charter was the re-engineering of the deliberative bodies of the institution and the synthesis of the institutions created by the Treaty of Amundsen-Scott. The process started when Amundsen-Scott was made the permanent headquarters of the Council of Unity in 2212CE. After twelve years of rotating meetings of the council between Washington DC, Tokyo, Brussels, Singapore, Nairobi and Jerusalem, the six super-states adopted a proposal to make the Council a legislative body of the United Nations. The atrophied Security Council was abandoned and the Council was its replacement. The General Assembly continued as the lower body for the purposes of discussing and debating global issues. The Council, renamed the Unity Council became a policy making body to coordinate and implement initiatives that transcended international boundaries.

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