Secret of My Excess is the tenth episode of the second season of My Little DreamWorks Creature: Friendship is Magic, and the thirty-sixth episode overall. It is a parody of the My Little Pony episode of the same name.


  • Turbo as Spike
  • Stella (from Over the Hedge) as Twilight Sparkle
  • DJ Suki (from Trolls) as Rarity
  • Cooper (from Trolls) as Pinkie Pie
  • Ozzie (from Over the Hedge) as Applejack
  • Poppy (from Trolls) as Fluttershy
  • Hammy (from Over the Hedge) as Rainbow Dash
  • Oscar (from Shark Tale) as Mr. Cake
  • Angie (from Shark Tale) as Mrs. Cake
  • Tigress (from Kung Fu Panda) as Cheerilee
  • Viper (from Kung Fu Panda) as Junebug
  • Shrek as Doc Top
  • Heather (from Over the Hedge) as Mane Goodall
  • Gloria (from Madagascar) as Zecora
  • Young Skipper (from Penguins of Madagascar) as Apple Bloom
  • Puss in Boots (from Shrek 2) as Scootaloo
  • Ginger (from Chicken Run) as Lickety Split (does not speak)
  • Smidge (from Trolls) as Sweetie Belle (cameo)
  • Biggie (from Trolls) as Derpy (cameo)
  • Oscar (from Shark Tale) as Lyra (cameo)
  • Alex (from Madagascar) as Sweetie Drops (cameo)
  • King Peppy (from Trolls) as Princess Celestia (mentioned)


Mavis: No distractions. Today is too important. Re-shelving day! Understanding Medieval Sodor goes in Engine History. Modern Spellcasting. That's Classics. The Art of the To-Do List... Actually, I kinda wanna read that again.
Thomas: [chuckling]
Mavis: Thomas! What are you laughing at?
Thomas: This little beauty is my birthday present to myself! It's a fire ruby! I've been aging it for months, and it's almost ripe!
[tuning fork pings]
Thomas: [giggles] Hey, you took my advice! Just use the whole floor as one big shelf.
Mavis: [growls]
theme song
Emily: [muffled] Hellooo? [normal] Anyengine home? Mavis? [gasps] Is that a fire ruby?! Huh, that must be at least twenty carats! No inclusions, pristine facets...
Thomas: And totally delicious.
Mavis: Uhh... if you guys don't mind?
Emily: Oh, uh, of course. I just came by to see if you had any books on historical fashion... [to Thomas] Did you say... delicious?
Thomas: Sure did! Next week's my birthday, and this is my birthday dinner.
Mavis: Start with this one.
Emily: Thanks, Mavis. I've got a feeling ruffled taffeta capes are going to make a huge comeback this season, and I want to be ahead of the game... [to Thomas] I hope it's as tasty as it is beautiful, Thomas. I've never seen anything quite so stunning before.
Thomas: Gosh... You really like it, huh?
Emily: Like it? It's magnificent.
Thomas: [sighs] Then you should have it. This beautiful gem was meant to be with you.
Emily: I don't know what to say... This is so thoughtful. Oh, my little Tommy-wommy! [kisses] Thank you so much!
Mavis: Wow, Thomas, that's one of the kindest, most generous things you've ever done. I've never seen Emily so happy!
Thomas: I will never wash this cheek again. [sighs and laughs]
Mavis: Just about finished, Thomas? Everyengine will be here soon.
Thomas: There. Perfect! Everything looks perfect!
Mavis: Not quite everything.
Thomas: A washcloth? I don't get it. Ah, no way, Mavis! I said I wasn't gonna wash the cheek that Emily kissed, and I meant it!
Mavis: It's over, Thomas! I'm cleaning that cheek!
Thomas: [gasps for breath] It's mine! Stop it!
Mavis: Never!
Thomas: Mavis...!
Rosie: [blows party hooter] Happy birthday!
[trumpet fanfare]
Rosie: Party time, woo-hoo!
Thomas: Are those... for me?
Marion: You bet they are, birthday boy.
Molly: Happy birthday, Thomas
Belle: Don't you know you get presents on your birthday?
Thomas: Well, actually, this is my first birthday on Sodor... I usually just get one present... from Mavist. A book.
[sheep bleating]
Emily: Speaking of presents, this is from my new line of taffeta capes. I'm going to make one for each of you!
Rest of main cast: [Wow, they're great, etc.]
Emily: I've been inspired by the generosity of my little Tommy-wommy, who gave me this beautiful fire ruby, one of the kindest acts I've ever experienced. Mmm.
Thomas: Marion, I can't thank you enough for this great blanket. I really needed a new one.
Marion: C'mon, Thomas, you already thanked me fifteen times. I'm startin' to get a little embarrassed.
Thomas: I know I keep thanking you guys, but I'm just so grateful. I wish this party could last forever.
[balloon pops]
Rosie: Duh! The party can't last forever 'cause you have to go to Vicarstown, 'cause Connor and Caitlin said they have a special surprise for you, 'cause it's your birthday!
Thomas: No way!
Rosie: I said the party couldn't last forever, but it doesn't need to end right now!
[door slams]
Thomas: Hi, Connor and Caitlin!
Connor: There's the tank engine of the hour! Happy birthday, Thomas!
Thomas: Thanks!
Caitlin: When we found out it was your birthday, we couldn't resist trying out a new recipe: sapphire!
Thomas: Wow!
Thomas: Thank you so much! Man, first I get a bunch of great presents from my best friends, and now an amazing sapphire cupcake! Hohoh, what a day! Whoa! Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry, Madge!
Madge: That's okay. What's got you so excited?
Thomas: [chomps] [muffled] Rosie told me I should come see Connor and Caitlin, so they could give me a cake 'cause it's my birthday today.
Madge: Well, happy birthday, Thomas! I wish I had something to give you! Uh... Oh! Here you go!
Thomas: Wow, really?
Madge: Sure! Everyone should get fun gifts on their birthday! Have a great birthday, Thomas.
Thomas: I wish every day was my birthday...
Thomas: Rosie mentions my birthday to Connor and Caitlin, and I get a cupcake. I mention it to Madge, and I get this great hat.
[ball bouncing]
Thomas: Hmmm, I wonder... Hey there, Scruff! That's a pretty cool ball you got there! Did you know it's my birthday?
[ball bouncing]
Turbo: [laughs] This is unbelievable! [chuckles] Hey, Viper! It's my birthday!
Viper: Happy birthday, Turbo.
Turbo: Aren't you gonna give me something? You know, like a birthday present?
Tara: Um, I... I don't have anything.
Thomas: Well, how about those flowers? I'll take those–
Mavis: Thomas! Uh, sorry, Tara, I think Thomas might've gotten a little carried away.
Tara: Uh, no problem... H-Happy birthday, Thomas!
Mavis: What are you doing? You're out here demanding gifts now?
Thomas: Wow, you're right, Mavis. I don't know what got into me. Thanks for snapping me out of it. I'd better go give Madge her hat back.
Mavis: No problem. See you at home later?
Thomas: Sounds good! Bye! [chuckles] Who else has a present for 'Tommy-wommy'? [hisses]
Mavis: Wow, what a rough night's sleep, Thomas. I had the weirdest drea–
Thomas: [snoring]
Mavis: I can't believe you! Where'd you get all this– [gasps]
Thomas: [yawns/hisses] What happened?
Thomas: What's happening to me, Mavis?!
Mavis: I don't know! Think back to last night. Did something happen? Thomas? What did you do after I saw you?
Thomas: I went to talk... to...
Mavis: Thomas!
Thomas: Huh?
Mavis: You went to talk to who?
Thomas: Oh, um... I don't remember. Hey, can I have that globe? You're not using it, right?
Mavis: Huh?
Thomas: What about this book?
Mavis: Thomas, I'm worried about you. You're usually not so... grabby!
Thomas: My buffers aren't usually [voice drops] this long either. What's happening to me?
Mavis: [slaps]
Mr. Percival: Well now, what seems to be the problem?
Mavis: This is Thomas. [slaps] And something's wrong with him. [slaps] He used to be half this size! And he keeps trying to take things that aren't [slaps] his!
Mr. Percival: All right then, let's just have a look see, shall we? Widdle guy not feewing too good? Who's a brave widdle boy, huh? Who's a brave one?
[rushing fire]
Mavis: So? What do you think, Doctor?
Mr. Percival: Well, I think I know what the problem is. He's an E2 engine!
Mavis: That's not the problem. He's always been a E2 engine.
Mr. Percival: Oh. Well, that would explain it. Listen, I don't know anything about tank engines, I know about young diesels. Maybe you should try a vet.
Mavis: [sighs] Okay. Thank you, doctor.
Duchess: Hm, well, I'm flummoxed. Y'bring me a dog, I've got it diagnosed in seconds. Snake even faster, but... to be honest, I've never seen a real live E2 engine before.
Thomas: [snorts]
Duchess: Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy? Sit.
Thomas: [pants]
Mavis: Thanks anyway. C'mon, Thomas.
[squee, squeaks]
[watch ticking]
Thomas: [slaps]
Caroline: Ooh, he is starting to mature. Of this fact I am quite sure.
Mavis: Mature? So he's just... growing up? But that doesn't explain why he keeps grabbing things.
Caroline: An E2 engine's heart is prone to greed, a steady diet to make growth speed. Then, the resulting bigger size only makes their hunger rise. If this trait should go unchecked, if Thomas continues to collect, more growth will certainly occur – he is going to turn into a monster.
Mavis: [gasps] You mean the more things an E2 engine collects, the bigger and greedier he gets? But how do we stop him before he's completely out of control?
Caroline: If his monstrous ways you wish to impede, you must prevent him from practicing greed.
Mavis: [laughs nervously]
Young Skipper: Get away from her, you brute!
Turbo: Turbo want!
Puss in Boots: You're not getting my scooter!
Turbo: Turbo want!
Stella: Hey, Turbo! Check out this amazing broom!
Turbo: Turbo want! [hisses] [roaring]
Stella: [sing-song voice] C'mon, big boy! Look at this incredible broom!
Turbo: Turbo want!
Stella: Fight all you want, I'm not letting you out! Oh, Turbo, I just re-shelved this room!
[door closes]
Stella: [groans] What now?
Ozzie: Now who on DreamWorks Land would steal my apples? For that matter, who would steal my leaves?
Stella: Ozzie, help! Turbo' running wild and I need you to lasso him!
RJ: [laughs] Oh, that's a good one, Stella. Sweet little Turbo, running wild. Ha, what a laugh.
Turbo: [stomping]
Ozzie: Stella, get my rope.
Turbo: [roars]
Ozzie and Stella: Help!
Hammy: Huh? [laughs] Don't tell me! You-you tied yourselves up?
Ozzie: Get us out of here right now! Hammt
Poppy: [screams]
Ozzie: [gasps] What was that?
Hammy: Sounded like Poppy to me!
Stella: Poppy? Poppy!?
Molly: I'm up here!
Mavis: What happened?
Molly: I was helping my squirrel friends with a dance step, and all of a sudden, a giant, r-rampaging t-t-t-tank engine stormed through!
Mavis: That was Thomas!
Molly: Thomas? But why would Thomas steal my chicken coop? He just pulled it out of the ground and filled it with a bunch of apples and stuff!
Cooper: [screams]
Hammy: That sounded like Cooper!
Stella: C'mon, creatures!
Cooper: Back! Get back!
Turbo: [hisses]
Cooper: [grunting]
[cake splats]
Stella: Cooper! Stop giving him cake! or Not
Cooper: No, I'm not giving him cake, I'm assaulting him with cake!
Turbo: [grunts]
Cooper: How dare you take the cake!
Turbo: [roars]
Turbo: [stomping]
Stella: He's completely out of control! Who knows where he'll go next!
DJ Suki: [hums] Hm, perhaps some more ruffle. and Done, [screams]
[air raid siren]
[dreamworks creatures screaming]
Turbo: [roars]
DJ Suki: [screams]
Turbo: [roars]
[dreamworks creatures screaming]
DJ Suki: Put me down, you brute!
Turbo: [roars]
DJ Suki: How rude.
Poppy: Don't worry DJ Suki, we'll save you!
Hammy: Put her down, right now!
Poppy: I-If you wouldn't mind, that is...
Hammy: I mean it, dreamworks boy!
Poppy: We'll be ever so grateful if you'd be so kind as to possibly consider...
Hammy: Drop her, scaly!
DJ Suki: Hey! I'm– not some– sort of common– fly swatter!
Poppy and Hammy: [screaming]
DJ Suki: Creatures! My cape!
Turbo: [roars]
Hammy: Look! The Wonderbolts!
Turbo: [growls]
DJ Suki: [screams]
Thomas: [begins to roar]
Emily: Oh, be quiet. You've got nothing to be proud of. You steal everyengine's things, terrorize the town, and use me as a weapon against my own friends! Which, as horrible as it is, I can almost understand because you're a big engine and all. But this! [rips off dress] This is a crime against fashion! Oh no. You are not getting this gemstone! This was given to me by my dear friend Tommy-wommy, the kindest, sweetest, most generous tank engine ever. And it is too precious to me to give to a greedy old beast like you!
Thomas: [grunts]
Thomas (flashback): Here, Emily, you take it. It would mean even more to see you happy than to eat it myself.
Emily (flashback): I... I don't know what to say. This is just so generous. [kisses]
Emily: Oh, what now? I suppose you'll be eating me or something? Thomas?! You're the rampaging engine?!
Emily and Thomas: [screaming]
Rosie: Some engine do something!
Belle: On it!
[wind rushing]
Thomas: Emily? I need to tell you something! Just in case we don't make it! I've always sort of had a crush–
Molly: [gasps] We did it! I can't believe we did it!
Belle: All in a day's work.
Emily: Thomas, I just have to tell you how absolutely proud I am of you.
Thomas: Proud of me?
Emily: Yes. It was you who stopped... w-well, you, from destroying Sodor. You are my hero, Tommy-wommy! [kisses]
Thomas: Dear Lady Hatt,
Today I learned a great lesson about friendship. Well, you might think that it would feel good to get lots and lots of stuff, but it doesn't feel nearly as good as giving something special to someengine you really care about. But I learned that it truly is better to give than to receive, and that kindness and generosity are what lead to true friendship. And that's more valuable than anything in the world. Well... almost anything.

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