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NOHS Batch 2003 Section 4


Section 4 of NOHS Batch 2003

The Section 4

The NOHS section 4 is a pilot section of Negros Occidntal High School which is known also as a "middle section". The Batch of 2003. was said to be the one most controversial sections during the senior years.

The Students

The Students of Section 4 came from different Junior sections before the school year 2002-2003. most of their schoolmates are known for their unity and their co-harmony even inspite of their personal differences. The Students have formed several groups which have made the section into a peer zone composing of different students having different interests.

the section was united at all times in some of their subjects, helping the less taught and teaching classmates who were lacking in a particular subject.


The Section 4 was composed of 5 major groups mainly known as;

The Aimers- The Aimers are groups of Jerlu Santillana and Robbie Guzon. They were joined by mostly girls who did not got to go along with Karen and Mary Grace's Group. the others were known as the "smart sevens". which

The J5- The J5 as their name implies is composed of 5 persons with the letter J starting in their names, Jed, Jireh, Jumar, Jean Louise and Jayson. The J5 is considered to be matinee idols of the class. most girl groups are very close to this 5 boys.

The Justice Leauge and The Night Sisters- the Justice Leauge(Formerly known as superfrends). was a small study group started by Karen Lunatayao, Mary grace Cordova and Honeyvi Gallo. Later it was joined by other girls such as Theresa, Jo-ann, Jazzy and others who was not able to join the aimers.

The Night Sisters (a.k.a Birds of Prey) was founded by theresa and jo-ann right after a serious misunderstandings between Karen and Honeyvi, which broke the main justice leauge. later this was joined by Edelyn,Jazzy,Maricel and many others. The Night Sisters became a major group during the closing months of the school year. The Night Sister are the exact opposites of the AGi, and is said the only closest female group to the AGi.

The AGi Inc.- The Noisy, Naughty AGi Inc. was actually a splinter of the TULO(Tunay Umibig Lalaking Orig) a group founded by Sophomore section 3,4,5,6 and 7 boys. It was founded by Gromyko, John Hann and Edmund. AGi is a classic example of friendship thru interests. one thing united AGi, Computer Games. When edmund shifted to section 6, Jan Hann and Gromy Became the main leaders. the AGi was composed of the so-called "The 14".


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