Combat When used as a term, combat means a formal organized event, whether a tournament, a melee, or a war.

Combatant An individual who engages in Combat in the SCA.

Combat-Related-Activities Any activity where and individual is either directly or indirectly brought onto the Field of Combat.

Controlling Marshal Marshal in charge of a field of combat.

Field of Combat (or field) The location where organized Combat occurs.

Marshal Title used to designate individuals responsible for the administrative and/or safety portions of SCA combat activities.

Marshallate The body of officers and individuals responsible for administering combat within the kingdom. The Marshallate’s top individuals are the Crown (King and Queen), followed by the Earl Marshal of the Kingdom.

Prohibited Target Any area of the body described as illegal to hit in the combat type specified. For example, in armored combat, the hands, knees, and lower legs are prohibited targets.

Warranted Warranting is the process where the crown signs a roster of individuals who serve as legal representatives of the kingdom. These individuals must be paid members of the Society and are referred to as warranted marshals.

Youth-Adult-Combatant Minors ages 16-17 who wish to participate in adult chivalric combat. The rules for their participation differ from standard adult chivalric combatants, and they must have the consent of their parents.

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