SECTOR - Play by yourself or team up with your friends to beat a level in this Storyline based mode of gameplay in BOTS!!. The difficulty level increases as you go through each stage, starting from Level 1 (easiest) to the currently last level Level 90 (hardest)

Elite levels are harder then normal levels and contain 'smarter' AI for the viruses and bosses, including the ability to block and, for weaker minibosses such as Bubbleboy, the ability to retalliate a guard crush combo. Elite levels have the possibility to give more experience and gigas. They also have a higher chance to have "item drops"


Traning-Camp (Level 1) -

Training-Ring (Level 3) -

Mine-Entrance (Level 5)

Dm-Entrance-Elite (Level 8) -

Data-Mine (Level 10) -

HeatCORE-I (Level 15)

HeatCORE-II (Level 17) -

HeatCORE-I-Elite (Level 18) -

X-Entrance (Level 20)

X-Escape (Level 22) -

Reboot (Level 25) -

X-Entrance-Elite (Level 28)

Micro (Level 30) -

Macro-Dock (Level 35) -

Micro-Elite (Level 38)

Macro-Passage (Level 40) -

Main-Core (Level 45) -

Macro-Passage-Elite (Level 48)

Main-Core-Escape (Level 50) -

Main-Core-Elite (Level 58)

Treasure-Depot (Level 60) -

Escape-The-Deck (Level 70) -

Upper-Hackenn (Level 80)

Lower-Hackenn (Level 90)

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