There are twenty different levels of security in Exodus3000. Each level is represented by a single weapon name, although other security items of similar power level may be substituted in reference.

The List

Level 1 200 MD Land Mines
Level 2 325 MD Plasma Cannon
Level 3 450 MD Needle Gun
Level 4 575 MD Yamato Gun
Level 5 800 MD Directed-Energy Beam
Level 6 1750 MD Wave Motion Guns
Level 7 2500 MD Laser Cannon
Level 8  ? MD Gridfire
Level 9 3500 MD Eclipse Cannon
Level 10 5800 MD MAC
Level 11 5800 MD Genetic Mutator
Level 12 6500 MD Ion Cannon
Level 13 6500 MD Solaranite Bombs
Level 14 7500 MD Nova Bombs
Level 15 7500 MD Doudec Bombs
Level 16 8500 MD Markalite
Level 17 12000 MD Sun Beam
Level 18 15000 MD Negabomb
Level 19  ? MD Starbreaker
Level 20  ? MD Ultimate Security


Security is a homestead or settlement's first line of defense. Security is compared to an attacker's Intelligence when the attacker attempts to scout a target. The two levels are compared, and the highest is declared the winner. If the defender wins, then no information about the installation is revealed, while if the attacker wins, the Defense level of the target is revealed. If the Intelligence and Security levels are even, a winner is randomly determined.

Security as an upgrade is more important as a sort of psychological upgrade as having a higher security level invokes the natural curiosity of your typical Martian explorer. With your defense hidden, most players attempt to attack regardless of whether their weapons equals their security or not. If your defense is known to be higher than your attacker's weapons, they will most likely not attack.

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