Seeing Red is a Super Thomas World episode.

End of Episode

  • Rheneas: So long, Lord Harry! (shoots him and he explodes and falls down, dead)
  • Oliver: Oh, Rheneas! You've shot your brother!
  • Percy: You've been mean to him!
  • Thomas: So stop it, Rheneas!
  • Rheneas: You're marching the truck mark! (laughs as he shoots Rosie, who is in Toby's house. At Toby's house, Toby and Rosie are at it. The bullet from Rheneas' gun run in Rosie's side as she explodes and blood flies into Toby's brown paint)
  • Rosie: Your brown paint(falls down, dead)
  • Toby: Rosie? (sees her lying dead on her side) Bust my buffers! (sobs) Come on, baby! Please! (sobs more)
  • Oliver: Poor Toby! Rheneas shot his girlfriend, Rosie.
  • Thomas: Rosie's dead.

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