Seeing the Sights is the tenth episode of the tenth season of Spike the Dragon and Friends, and the two hundred and forty-fourth episode overall. It is a parody of the Thomas and Friends episode of the same name.


  • Spike as Thomas
  • Big Macintosh as Gordon
  • Angel as Bertie
  • Hoity Toity as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Apple Bloom as Annie (does not speak)
  • Sweetie Belle as Clarabel (does not speak)
  • Cranky Doodle Donkey as James (cameo)
  • Cheese Sandwich as Salty (cameo)
  • Gustave Le Grand as Cranky (cameo)
  • Cherry Jubilee as The Refreshment Lady (cameo)
  • Burnt Oak as Cyril the Fogman (cameo)


Narrator: "There are lots of wonderful sights to see in Ponyville.

One summer's day, Spike was given a very special job."

Hoity Toity: "Spike,"

Narrator: "Said Hoity Toity."

Hoity Toity: "You are to collect some very important visitors from the mainland. They are arriving at Ponyville Docks."

Spike: "Yes, sir."

Narrator: "Said Spike happily."

Spike: "I will show them all the sights in Ponyville."

Narrator: "Spike puffed towards Ponyville Docks.

Spike pulled up at the gangplank."

Spike: "Welcome aboard!"

Narrator: "He said."

Spike: "I will show you all the wonderful sights of Ponyville!"

Narrator: "Just then, Big Macintosh arrived."

Big Macintosh: "I should be showing the sights to the important visitors."

Narrator: "He sniffed."

Spike: "Why?"

Narrator: "Asked Spike."

Big Macintosh: "Because,"

Narrator: "Wheeshed Big Mac."

Big Macintosh: "I could show them round much more quickly than you. Then they would see everything there is to see in Ponyville."

Narrator: "Spike was cross."

Spike: "I can show them all the sights just as quickly as you can!"

Narrator: "He whistled."

Spike: "Just you wait and see!"

Narrator: "Spike heard doors slam."

Spike: "Everyone's ready."

Narrator: "He thought. And he chuffed away as quickly as he could."

Spike: "So much to see, so much to see, let's get a move on, count on me."

Narrator: "Then there was trouble. Spike had left some of the visitors behind!

Later, Spike had to wait at a signal. Angel the Rabbit walked up. He had picked up the visitors Spike had left behind. Angel yelled. But the signal had changed and Spike puffed away. Spike was in a hurry."

Angel: "Silly dragon!"

Narrator: "Parped Angel."

Angel: "I will have to chase after you!"

Narrator: "The children traveling with Angel thought a chase was great fun.

Spike arrived at Black Loch."

Spike: "Everyone out to see the seals."

Narrator: "He called."

Spike: "Hurry up, hurry up!"

Narrator: "The visitors took their cameras to see Black Loch. Spike had to wait. He didn't like waiting. He had to show the visitors all the sights."

Spike: "Otherwise,"

Narrator: "He thought."

Spike: "I won't be as fast as Big Mac.

Time to go!"

Narrator: "He peeped loudly. Spike heard a door slam."

Spike: "Everyone must be on board."

Narrator: "He thought. And Spike chuffed away as fast as he could. But Spike had left more of the visitors behind.

Soon, Spike arrived at the Scottish Castle."

Spike: "Everyone out!"

Narrator: "He peeped."

Spike: "Hurry up, hurry up!"

Narrator: "Then Spike had to wait again. He blew some fire. And he started to worry."

Spike: "We'll never see everything if we don't hurry up!"

Narrator: "Spike wheeshed."

Spiike: "Everyone back on board, please!"

Narrator: "Just then, Big Macintosh walked in."

Big Macintosh: "Flatten my head."

Narrator: "Sniffed Big Mac."

Big Macintosh: "You haven't seen many sights!"

Spike: "Yes, we have! And we're going to see more!"

Narrator: "Huffed Spike. He was cross. He puffed away as quickly as he could, but more visitors were left behind.

Spike walked into the Fishing Village."

Spike: "Here's the next sight!"

Narrator: "He puffed."

Spike: "Everybody out, please!"

Narrator: "But Spike couldn't hear any doors opening. He was puzzled. Just then, Angel arrived."

Spike: "What's happening?"

Narrator: "Asked Spike."

Angel: "No one's getting out, Spike."

Narrator: "Said Angel."

Angel: "Because no one is left on board!"

Narrator: "Spike was surprised."

Spike: "Fire and scales!"

Narrator: "Gasped Spike."

Angel: "You were in so much of a hurry, you left them all behind."

Narrator: "Spike was upset."

Spike: "I must go back and pick everyone up!"

Narrator: "But first he collected the visitors from Angel the Rabbit.

And he raced back to the castle. He picked up his passengers.

And puffed quickly back to Black Loch.

With all the visitors on board, Spike set off again.

Spike had to stop at a junction. He looked at the view of the sea. It was beautiful."

Spike: "I wish we could just stay here all day."

Narrator: "Spike wheeshed."

Spike: "There are so many things to do."

Narrator: "The visitors looked out of the windows. Their faces smiled when they saw blue sea and the golden yellow sand. Suddenly, Spike had an idea."

Spike: "We will stay here all day!"

Narrator: "He whistled.

The visitors had a lovely time. Making sand castles, riding donkeys and eating ice creams. Spike was very happy."

Big Macintosh: "You won't see all the sights eating ice creams!"

Narrator: "Sniffed Big Mac."

Spike: "It's better to see one place properly than lots of places in a hurry."

Narrator: "Spike chuffed happily. And all the visitors agreed."

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