In Alosian myths, Seloos is the god of the winds. He is husband of Faray. He is represented as both a serpent or a boy with serpents on his arms. He is the god of fecundity and passion.

Seloos and Faray

Faray, a chaste goddess, did not wanted to love him, but he disguised as serpent to coil around her legs when she was sleeping, entering her womb and making her his wife. When she wook up, she could feel the presence of the passionate god in her womb. She was upset, and she decided to trap him inside her body forever. However, Faray was pregnant, and when their two children were born, Seloos could escape from the body of her wife.


As god of fecundity, he has lots of children with many women. He usually fools them using his cute boy shape, but sometimes he just takes the form of a voracious multi-headed serpent to take them. After being taken by the god, she has to adore him during all her life, becoming some sort of concubine. Women who were loved by Seloos change their whole life, as they become mischievous spirits with a head of serpent between their forehead and hair, named Kerasas. They are know by turning boys into savage beasts and wild chimeras, but if a boy manages to be friend of a kerasa, she will bring him the blessings of Seloos, and it is sure the future man will have a numerous off spring.

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