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Below is a simple script to get several formats of the time or date in DesktopX. Create a simple text object and insert the script.

Sub Object_OnScriptEnter
object.Settimer 1, 1000'-Set a 1 second timer
End Sub

'-Check the time every second
Sub Object_Ontimer1
	dateNtime= Now()'-Current date and time
	date1= FormatDateTime(now,1)'--Full date
	date2= FormatDateTime(now,2)'--Short date
	date3= Day(date)'--Current day of the month
	day1= WeekdayName(Weekday(Date), False)'--Full weekday
	day2= WeekdayName(Weekday(Date),True)'--Abbreviated weekday
	day3= Weekday(now)'--Number representing day of week
	currentmonth1= MonthName(Month(now),False)'--Full month
	currentmonth2= MonthName(Month(now),True)'--Abbreviated month
	currentmonth3= Month(now)'--Number representing month of year
	currentyear= Year(now)'--Current year
	thetime= Time'--Current time
	thetime2= FormatDateTime(now,3)'--Current time in 24-hour format
	thehour= hour(now)'--Current hour in 24-hour format
	theminute= Minute(now)'--Current minute
	thesecond= Second(now)'--Current second
	object.text = dateNtime
End Sub

Replace object.text = dateNtime with object.text = thesecond and you'll get the current second. Try out all the different variables and see the results.


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