Chapter 23 PREVIEW

Namiookami cop2

“There was… a battle. Daiki-sama was kidnapped. Every ninja was fighting except for you and Nami. But Nami has an excuse, and you don’t… So most of the villagers think it was you.”

“But…” I grew agitated quickly. “Daiki-sama knows that’s not true! I was with Nami the whole time!”

“I know…” Kenji said quietly, staring at the ground guiltily.

Suddenly, three people walked up to me. Raisuke, Yukimeku, and Tenri.

“We know it wasn’t you, Shinji.” Raisuke whispered to me. “We’re inviting you, Kenji, and Yoshiki to join us and form a squad. We’re going to find Daiki.”

This sort of came as a shock to me. “So… the other shinobi don’t think it was me?”

“Some of them do,” Yuki said, not looking me in the eyes. “But we don’t. You are a good person, Shinji.”

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