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Master Aven as he is commonly called by Erik Morlock (Who is the White Keeper), is the White apprentice, a student that works in close proxy with the Keeper of thier feild, They are the to aid the keeper that they work with in as many was as they can, from handling teaching class to doing paper.


As one of the few people proficent with a vast style of weapons and he talkes it upon himself to help his fellow students with the basics fighting skills, and some more advance moves and tatics.

Off of Arcanis

Selendrile use to be the leader of Benalia, but then steped down after it was rebuilt and he swore himself to Krear Kulnoth. Now he is a general and Master-In-Arms for the Benalian army.

Out of Character


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More about me

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Creation Of the Feared Aven

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