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Selling Power magazine was created by founder and publisher Gerhard Gschwandtner, an Austian born entrepreneur in 1981. With no financing to back his idea, the publication started as a black and white newspaper tabloid, it turned into a glossy tabloid in 1987 and became a standard sized magazine in 1990. The editorial objective is to help sales managers create a more effective and highly motivated sales team. Since the beginning, cover stories focus on winners in business, sports and entertainment. In the past Selling Power has featured Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Michael Dell, Maria Sharapova, Tyra Banks, B Smith, Marc Benioff, Jimmy Wales, Larry King and many more. In 1993 Selling Power launched its first website. Today, is the most trusted site for professional selling skills, motivation and sales management in B2B selling. The site offers nine free online newsletters. In 2005 Selling Power launched its first Sales Leadership Conference. Today, Selling Power conducts three Sales Leadership Conferences across the country, serving over 600 sales leaders from America’s top sales organizations. In 2006 Selling Power founder Gerhard Gschwandtner launched his own daily online video broadcast entitled Selling Power Daily Report. Every day sales executives watch a five-minute video interviews with leading CEO’s, VP’s of Sales, noted authors and speakers on topics such as Leadership, Sales Management, Technology, CRM, Psychology and more. In 2007, Selling Power launched a free audio site entitled Selling Power Live that offers over 150 free audio programs designed to help salespeople sell more and sell better. In 2008, Selling Power is planning to launch its first weekly TV show.

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