Semeper Fidelis

A smal strike team under the command of Author Fighter, Agent Liberi, Semper Fidelis specializes in both frontline combat insertions and stealth operations. Several of their operations are classified, being a highly controversial secret if ever released to the public.

Agent Liberi

Little is known about the leader of the team, except fot the fact that he is a former Freelnacer and is a battle hardened veteran of the Human-Covenant War. He formed the team, realising that several of his operations would be too dangerous to deal with alone and he does not trust all of the Author Fighters fully, so he created the black ops team to serve that purpose.


Agent liberi in his SPI armor holding the MA5K Carbine.


The first member of the team and highest ranking Sartan-II, Fred was rescued along with the rest of Spartan-II blue team, Spartan-II team Rapier, and Dr. Catherine Halsey from the Forerunner Dyson Sphere in the core of what used to be the planet Onyx. However, they were then ambushed by a large group of Darksides following the orders of Drake Darkstar. The group took little casualties, minus the former trainer of all Spartans, Senior Chief Petty Officer Mendez, who was killed mostly due to his old age. While everyone else returned to they're former roles in the UNSC, Fred was assigned by HIGHCOM to form a team with Liberi. Fred is an invaluble member of the team as Semper's second in command and is the one to always show care for the men under his command, though that can sometimes be a downfall in leadership positions.

RC-1207 "Sev

The second member of the squad, Sev was a former clone commando under the service of the Republic and the sniper of commando unit Delta Squad. While on a mission on Kashyyyk, Sez was captured by Seperatist forces and presumed dead. Despite several protests from his squad, they left to continue the mission, which would be the beginning to an invasion force. Sev was tortured by Genosian forces on the planet until he was found and rescued by Agent Liberi ans Spartan-104.

After discovering that Order 66 was in place, Sev attempted to follow those orders, but was stopped thanks to a mind agent that Liberi had brought with him. It repeeled the orders and Sev knew he had no brothers to return to, knowing they'd see him as a traitor to the new Emperor. Liberi offered him a place within Semper Fidelis and Sev became one of the best snipers anyone had seen.

Sev continuously cracks jokes about killing and kaving a kill count. He sometimes heads to the corpsed of his enemies and firse a burst into their skull, claiming that they are 'extra dead'. His goal is to amass a kill count of 4,982 kills, one for each commando that died on Geonosis.
Delta Oh Seven by Graaf

Sev with his DC-17 sniper attatchment


Former assassain droid of the Dark Lord Revan, HK-47 was transeffered to a droid factory on Mustafar and was left there for thousands of years until a group of spacers found him. With his direction, they reactivated the droid factory and built HK a new body similar to hat of his old one 4,000 years earlier. After finally being rebooted, HK wanted revenge on the organics tha stole his old body and rather than search for the culprits, who were most likely killed by Darth Vader and the Empire, chose to go out and kill any meatbag he could find.

After creating a droid army and having it destroyed, he escaped to carryout his goal of revenge. He was found by Semper Fidelis attacking mining colonies in the Outer Rim. He continuously taunted the squad, leading them into traps and referring to them as matbags as he does to all organincs. When he was finally cornered, Liberi's artificial intellingence, Rho, accessed HK-47's behavior core and was somehow able to convince the assassain droid that Liberi was his Mater.

HK-47 now works as the squad's technician, fixing and upgrading their weapons to produce the best kill possible, preferably on meatbags. Because of his sadistic humor, HK and Sev get along perfectly, oftent to the annoyance of Frederic.


Irving Gallows

Irving Gallows is a former knight captain of the Brotherhood of Steel, being seperated from the rest of the elite Lyons' Pride deep within Super Mutant territory. He held his own for weeks, but unable to
BoS Paladin Yohan by thefirewarriors

Gallows holding a Gattling Laser while wearing his Power Armor

initiate contact with the Brotherhood, he was presumed dead. He was found starving and dying of blood loss by Semper Fidelis, who was on a mission un the area to find an Insurrectionist, after recovering from his wounds and being fed well, he assaisted the team in finding and capturing the rebel, who killed himself to preserve the United Rebel Front's secrets. Gallows then returned to the Brotherhood, but was ordered to become a member of Semper Fidelis after Elder Lyons, the leader of the D.C. branch of the Brotherhood received a message from Lord Hood, asking him to asign a member of the Pride to Semper Fidelis.

Gallows became the squad's generalist. He scouted, he blew stuff up, and he killed as well as any other member. In terms of sherr skill, he was most lkely as strong as Agent Liberi, possibly stronger. Gallows shows very little emotion, never talking except when reporting is status to the team. He also never removes his helmet, and an effect of this is that he never stops soldiering. Sev often tries to form a rivalry between them because he his jealous of Galoows kill count, even though it has never been calculated, he most likely has killed more than most of the team. HK often tries to annoy Gallows by doing what he does best; threatening meatbags. Though the attempts always fail, it is very humourous for the resto of the team.

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