The Senate is the ruling body of the United Republic of Earth. Meeting in the Earth city of Geneva in ex-Switzerland, it is composed of 1000 elected senators, plus 50 A.I. robots and computers appointed by the Cyber Guild and 200 non-humans appointed by the Council of Non-Human Sentients. The Senate divides itself into two chambers when acting as the funtioning legislative body of the United Republic by electing 300 from it's own ranks to function as the Upper Senatorial Chamber, with the majority of senators serving in the Lower Senatorial Chamber. The Upper Senatorial Chamber also exercises the judicial authority of the United Republic, functioning as the supreme court as well as appointing countless subordinate judges. The Lower Senatorial Chamber, in addition to it's legislative functions, elects the Council of Ministers, which serves as the executive authority of the United Republic. The Senate includes representatives from various United Republic of Earth poltical parties.

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