She's sort of a mix between a thin falcon/wolf type creature. Her feathers are mostly very very pale whites, with some grey and blue...and some white ones with blue tips Her wings are long and thin She carries a rod around with a torch on the top. Every day she travels to the sun to collect a flame, then travels back to the moon with it. On the way back the rod is usually changed from gold to silver, and the flame becomes white. She then lights the moon with it at night. If the flame stays golden, when she lights the moon, it becomes gold in colour and she transforms Becomes somewhat of a phoenix type myth figure. The only thing that really changes is her colour scheme...but it's kinda neat... Her fathers and beak turn golden... The blue feathers remain the same and her eyes turn to a deep blue.


Sennia's sister

She's like...a white horse mostly... Silky silver mane...pale gold eyes..

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