Sensory Chä is a detection Chä in the Mechanical Zodiac.

To become a Sensory Chäotic you must be in the Grey alignment and the Intellect, Emotional, Spectral or Supernatural class.


Here is a description of Sensory Chä powers.


  • Thermal Sensory: The Chäotic has the abilty to see thermal energy instead of the normal light spectrum. Hot areas will blind the Chäotic temporarily.
  • X-Ray Sensory: The Chäotic has the ability to see through walls and beings in an X-Ray fashion. The radiation will give the Chäotic headaches after a while.
  • Echo Sensory: The Chaotic sees nothing but soundwaves. In a silent or loud place, the Chäotic is blind.
  • Aura Sensory: The Chäotic can see and track auras, which appear as a colored gas. They cannot see anything save auras when this power is active.
  • Night Vision: The Chäotic can see in the dark through a greenish tint. Bright areas cause pain to the Chäotic.

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