Sentinel-class Corvette
Manufacturer Valorn Duchal Shipyards
Model Sentinel-class Corvette
Sublight Speed Above Average (15 mglt)
Sublight Maneuverability Average (4 dpf)
Length 36 meters
Mass 12,000 tons
Hull Strength Above average(2000 ru)
  • 12 mass-driver cannons
  • AMS systems
Fighters None
Cargo Capacity

500 metric tons (excluding hangar space and consumables storage)

Crew 29
Passengers 100 infantry and support personnel
CO Commodore Bradley Flavian
Battles Participated In N/A
Affiliation Duchy of Valorn

The smallest capital ship of the Duchal Fleet, the Sentinel is commanded by Commodore Bradley Flavian, an experienced officer of the Duchal Fleet Arm. Armed with twelve 35mm mass-driver cannons and a number of AMS guns, the Sentinel is deadly against fighters.

Along with the Extortion, the Sentinel is responsible for the defense of the Torun system.

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