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The Seperatist States are a group of three city-states on a small continent between the Holy Kingdom of Arduran to the west and the Zamrian Empire to the southeast.

The term was coined in 1633 AO, though the precise time of the formation of the states is unknown since they evolved from the earliest Human settlements. They include the city-states of Berle, Jibril, and Syril.


The Seperatist States thrive on a vast trading economy. Each state trades with the other.

Berle thrives on its maritime trade, controlling the port of Lorn as well as the longest clear coastline of all three states, which includes many fishing villages that contribute.

Jibril is the smallest state and is surrounded by mountains. Thus it is actively involved in mining. A town in its borders, Devonia, is also surrounded by a forest, giving the state access to lumber as well.

Syril is the knowledge-center for the states. It contains the world-famous Library of the Ancients and is the place of study for all of the states' students. The surrounding area contains the best farmland on the continent, so Syril is responsible for the primary food trade.


The Seperatist States have no centralized military. Each state has its own armed forces, mostly in the form of militias in each town to keep the peace. No formal army or navy exists between the three states.

Due to the non-centralized nature of the country, some militias have rebelled against the political leaders for various reasons; in particular, the militias in Marsilio and Berle managed to overthrow the ruling class in that city-state in 1699 AO, which is widely believed to have prevented a grander-scale struggle between the militaristic rulers of Berle and the other states.

During the Netherworld Invasion from 1752-1755 AO, the states had to call upon the Holy Kingdom of Arduran for aid, as their local militias were overwhelmed by the demonic forces. The invasion was quelled in 1755 AO by the bearer of the Bright Savior Rune and his allies.


Each state is independent from the other in terms of political policies. The Mayor of each city-state "capitol" is generally the figurehead of that particular state, with a city council as his/her advisors.

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