Serena's Perfect Life is a FamilyChoice series made in 2016.


  • It centers on Serena, as she lives her life in Vaniville Town with only her mother Grace for company. She has a crush on Sanpei who lives with only his older brothers Ippei and Nihei, and meets many friends like Shauna and Nini whose love interests are Nico and Chester. She also meets her rival Miette, who is Sanpei's worst nightmare ever, and lives with only her younger sister Heidi and her parents Lindsey and Eddie. There's also a lot of friends she visits.


  • Haven Paschall as Serena
  • Erica Schroeder as Grace
  • Chris Patton as Sanpei
  • Ryan William Downey as Ippei
  • David Errigo as Nihei
  • Jo Armeniox as Shauna
  • Jenny Emm as Nini
  • Billy Bop Thompson as Nico
  • Marc Thompson as Chester
  • Maggie McDowell as Miette
  • as Amelia
  • Lindsay Sheppard as Aria
  • Kate Bristol as Valerie
  • Brittnany Lauda as Katherine
  • Nikki Colange as Kali
  • Suzy Myers as Linnea
  • Dina Hawana as Blossom
  • as Monsieur Pierre
  • as Palermo
  • as Alouette
  • as Blanche
  • as Clarice
  • as Elma
  • as Lilly
  • as Concetta
  • as Sara Lee


Season 1 (2016-2017)


  • A show centering on Serena herself.
  • Heidi from Bonnie For The Defense, serves as Miette's sister.
  • Shauna and Nini are revealed to be friends.
  • Valerie's assistants Katherine and Blossom are the love interests of Ippei and Nihei.

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