Serena is Ash's current traveling companion appearing in Pokemon The Series: XY. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. Her original outfit consists of: a red hat, black sleeveless shirt, red skirt, black stockings and black shoes. In Showcase, Debut, her showcase outfit consists of: a pink bow on her head, a pink and red short sleeved dress, black pantyhose and brown shoes. Also in the same episode, after cutting her hair, her new outfit consists of: a light pink dress over a grayish-black tank-top with a white collar. At her romantic dance with Sanpei, her outfit is composed of: a red strapless gown, white gloves and red high heels.


  • Grace (Mother)
  • Sanpei (Love Interest)
  • Ash Ketchum (Childhood Friend)
  • Miette (Rival)
  • Tierno (Worst Nightmare)


  1.  ??? Sanpei
  2. Singing ??? music in her Florges outfit
  3.  ??? Shauna and Nini


  1.  ??? Miette
  2.  ??? Tierno ???
  3.  ???

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