Serena is the childhood friend and travelling companion of Ash Ketchum, the daughter of Grace and the love interest of Sanpei appearing in Pokémon The Series XY. She has short blond hair (as of A Showcase Debut) and blue eyes. Her main outfit (as in A Showcase Debut) is composed of: a red hat, a pink dress with a white collar, her gray top underneath, and a red waistcoat with a blue ribbon on her chest that Ash gave her as a gift, the same stockings, and brown boots. She is voiced by Haven Paschall. At her age, she is 10 years old.


  • Grace (Mother)
  • Sanpei (Love Interest)
  • Ash Ketchum (Childhood Friend)
  • Miette (Rival)
  • Tierno (Worst Nightmare)


  1. Being kind to Sanpei
  2. Running to her errands
  3.  ???


  1. Losing her showcases
  2. The way Miette treats her
  3. Feeling dangerous

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