Basic Facts about Sergeant Lyeman


12, But has decreased length due to OsCorp's "human performance enhancers."










The Transformers Regime is a direct subgroup of the Galactic Empire. However, Lyeman is known to have had a friendly exchange of goods with the Power of Flower, who was at the time affiliated with the Solar Empire, which changed during Operation: Helter Skelter to Coalition of Free Planets


Flight suit2

An example of Lyeman's flight suit.

Lyeman was a fairly tall person at 6'4". His hair was brown and most knew him for his intriguing green eyes. He has an average build; (although he is considerably stronger than he looks!) During Imperial service, Lyeman wore the standard Imperial uniform, usually with an overcoat. He occasionally wore camoflaged uniforms for covert misssions. After he was appointed head of the Transformers Regime, Lyeman began wearing a flight suit to go along with his glider. The suit could hold up to 6 pumpkin bombs, and had a strap to carry the Goblin sword. It was heat insulated and water-proof to avoid weather damage. The suit also enhanced Lyeman's performance in battle.

Personal Effects

There are only a few known effects of Lyeman, one is a round, yellow flip-open communicator marked with a white "T." It was unkown whether or not this device was functional, but one day it beeped a ringtone and Lyeman detatched it from his belt and left the room with it. The only words heard before the doors closed behind him were: "it's good to hear from you, Ro-" Lyeman also carries twin lightsabers. Curiously, though, they emit different colors: one blade is blue and the other red. This is to symbolize the balance between light and dark. His last know effect is a gold ring, with a round top that is black and has a golden "R" inside it. Lyeman's spiky-haired friend (found out to be the great superhero Robin) also has the same insignia on his shirt.



The glider is a very powerful device.


An extremley expensive piece of equipment, custom built by OsCorp Industries. The glider is highly maneuverble and can reach speeds of over 150 kilometers an hour. The glider is also equipped with blades on the front and sides as an added attack feature. The glider uses an advanced repulsorlift system, which still propels even if the glider is upside-down. The glider also has a homing device, should the rider fall of, the glider will follow him and link up with his shoes. The glider is thrusted by a powerful main engine but has 6 smaller engines for steering purposes. Depending on the direction and speed the secondary engines propel more thrust. The glider also had an extremley intelligent AI that could still operate even if the rider was not present. If the rider was ever killed the glider was programmed to self-destruct, so that the technology could not fall into enemy hands.

Goblin Sword

Goblin sword3

An identical sword used by Harry Osborn.

A sword that has the human performance enhancer in its chemical structure, making it lethal to the touch. The blade is sheathed in a pouch on Lyeman's back, ready for use at any given moment. What makes the blade unique is its green glow, most likley from the performance enhancer, and its hum when it is swung.

Wrist Blades

Wrist blades

Highly dangerous blades. Notice the three rows for increased damage.

Retractable blades. The blades are actually composed of three rows of blades, pointing outward for maximum damage. They are also made out of adimantium, one of the strongest known metals known in the universe. These blades are not part of the flight suit, they retract under Lyeman's skin; which is a very useful method of concealing them.

Pumpkin Bombs

Highly explosive bombs. These are usually thrown at their targets. Known variants include the seeker, and another bomb that erradicates flesh. These bombs had a very simple trigger, the user simply has to press the button on the top, and throw it at their intended target.

Pumpkin bombs

Lyeman used pumpkin bombs quite often. He kept a large supply of them.


Peragus destroyed

The Battle of Peragus left much of the planet in ruins.

At age 20, a young Lyeman began a small mining business on Peragus. During a battle for the planet most of the rival mines were destroyed, and Lyeman bought out the rest of them, making a planet-wide monopoly and during the course of 2 years, Lyeman became a very rich man.

At the age of 22 Lyeman joined the Imperial Army. His superiors did not respect his different line of thought but he continued to impress them in his training. Several months into service Lyeman's commanding officer was killed by a rebel sniper. With most of the army and other capable officers already in battle, a small Imperial outpost turned to Lyeman for orders. The main Imperial force was being driven back and were forced to retreat to the outpost. Lyeman coordinated a trap for the pursuing rebels. He ordered 2 AT-ATs and 4 AT-STs to be covered in leaves and hid in the forest. The other AT-AT was to lower its legs and look disfunctional, so they threw scrap metal over the top of it. When the rebels came within range of the base the "broken" AT-AT raised its legs and began attacking. The other walkers emerged from the forest; leaving the rebels with no means of escape. Hundreds of rebel troopers were taken prisoner and Lyeman was promoted to Corporal.

During another rebel engagement Lyeman's squad was pinned down, and the orders were given to retreat. With most of his squad injured or dying, Lyeman gave orders to help the wounded back to the ships. It was at this moment that Corporal Lyeman leaped from behind the rubble and charged the rebels with his blaster rifle and hand pistol. Screaming at the top of his lungs and firing on the rebels, Lyeman killed 3 troopers and a machine gunner. The remaining enemy fire was coming from a large rebel bunker. Lyeman then detatched his three plasma grenades from his belt and threw them at the bunker window. The rebels inside scattered before the entire wall of the bunker exploded. Unfortunatley Lyeman was hit in the shoulder by flaming debris, knocking him down. Some say this saved the Corporal's life, as TIE bombers began their bombing run and the bombs missed Lyeman by only several meters. The bombers gave the remaining Imperials time to fall back, and Lyeman's team was overjoyed to see him alive. The newly promoted Sergeant Lyeman was given the Wounded Heart, the Imperial Honorable Service Cross, and the Distinguished Actions Medal.

Lyeman 3

Lyeman while in service of the Galactic Empire.

After this, Lyeman was stationed on Corulag for two years. During this time, Lyeman proposed a new program: the transforming regimen. He submitted this idea to General Maximilan Veers, who approved of the program and passed it on to Grand Vizier Sate Pestage, who rejected the idea. After reading a letter from Pestage telling him of his disapproval, Lyeman recieved a transmission from the Emperor himself, who was impressed with Lyeman's proposition, and had decided to fund the transforming program and put Lyeman at the head of it.

It was to be based on Peragus, so that Lyeman's mining company could both fund and supplly the program. The first project was to rig star destoryers with a high-power energy beam which deployed from the hull of the vessel, and had the ability to destroy a small space station with a single blast. It was to be concealed within the hull of the star destroyer when not deployed, and when in use energy was rerouted from the engines to the cannon to fire the weapon. There are also several new units being created, ranging from folding TIE fighter wings to Super Star Destroyers that can transform into a mobile starbase. The Super Star Destroyer program is currently under development and Lyeman has considered cancelling it because the airlocks take several minutes at best to all be sealed, and the sheer size of the ship would require hours to transform back into a moving vessel. This is unacceptable if an enemy fleet tried to attack or if there was a need to pursue a fleeing craft.

Grand Admiral/Master General Kandosii

Save for Robin, Lyeman's military leader is his best friend. Before Kandosii had joined the Transformers Regime, Lyeman had worked on developing a lightsaber that could transform into a blaster pistol. The project took several ears to complete because the crystals had to be aligned properly. When Kandosii joined the Regime, he was immediatley inducted as Grand Admiral and Master General, and the transforming lightsaber was given to him as an initiation present.

Solar Sailer

Salvaged from the wreckage from Invisible Hand, the damaged solar sailer was put up for auction. Lyeman won the auction and, although the sailer was a rare piece, was repaired and in service once again.

Sprinkles the Acklay

Vendaxa acklay2

Sprinkles the Acklay

Sprinkles is Lyeman's pet acklay, named Sprinkles because of the dots on her shell.



Elizabeth Lyeman was raised in England. After service in the Galactic Empire chance came and the two met. They are happily married. They also decided after their first child was born that Lyeman should leave the Transformers Regime to attend to his family.


Cale is 5 years old. A well-behaved young man, Cale has some real potential to lust for his mother. Robin is not his father.


Lyeman's second child, Ian is 7 months old. Jedi Luigi is the godfather.

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