Shaedon came to Sodor and see Gordon the express.He race with Gordon and run off the track and crash to a farm.Thomas and Percy send the milk to Farmer MCcoll and saw Shaedon.Shaedon told he wants to be the express like Gordon but he scare Sir Topham Hatt not accept him to be the express because he has accident.Shaedon rescued by rocky and go away to find the work that makes he useful .Duck help him by joined Shaedon to his work but Shaedon can't do it well and Duck was cross.Shaedon go away to find new work and saw Burger king find someone to work with him . he was so sad so he apologies.But because he wants to be useful he must do the job well to be the really useful engine.He think about his accident that he never did it before.At Tidmouth shed,Everyone sleep but not Thomas and Percy.They talk about Shaedon for first accident.Sir Topham Hatt go to Tidmouth shed.He was cross.He wants a new really useful engine and Thomas ask about the express rules.Sir Topham Hatt said the express must right on time and ride safty to send people to that place.That's Sir Topham Hatt was said makes Thomas and Percy even more worry because he was a accident that's mean he not ride safty and because that's 2 rules is the mostable important


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