Defel UAA

A Seronian

The Seronians are a wraith-like race of mammals which had fur that absorbed normal light, allowing an individual to appear to be nothing more than a shadow. The Seronian race was native to the planet Seron. In ultraviolet light, they appeared as short, muscular lupine humanoids with thick fur and unusual, three-jointed fingers. In the visible spectrum of light, the fur of the Seronian absorbed most wavelengths, making the creature virtually invisible to most humanoid races. They lived underground on the planet Seron, mining the various metals in the planet's crust and outer core. Because of their knowledge of mining and ores, Seronians are known to be excellent metallurgists. Because of their ability to "hide" in normal light, Seronians were also known to be excellent hunters and thieves. They could see equally well in the dark and in ultraviolet lighting, and their eyes appeared to glow red in normal light. In bright, normal light, however, a Seronian was more or less blind. Those Seronian who travel offworld during the daylight hours wore special visors to protect their eyes.

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