Sesame Street's Big Video is a BBC Video VHS with 4 episodes of Season 43.


  1. The Good Sport
  2. Telly the Tiebreaker
  3. Build a Batter Basket
  4. Baby Bear Comes Clean

Opening Previews

  1. BBC Video Warning & Logo {2011}
  2. BBC Video Promo {from Pingu and the Lost Ball}
  3. "Sesame Street's Big Video" Title Card
  4. What's The Word On The Steeet?: Champion
  5. Sesame Street Funding
  6. Sesame Street Intro
  7. First few seconds of The Good Sport

Closing Previews

  1. Murray announces the sponsers
  2. Sesame Street Funding
  3. Sesame Street Credits
  4. Sesame Workshop Logo
  5. BBC Video Logo {2011}
  6. BBC Video Warning Screen

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