• Guy Smiley as Calico Jerry
  • Mr. Johnson as Easy Pete
  • Simon Soundman, Maurice Monster, Sam the Robot, Forgetful Jones, Placido Flamingo, Harvey Monster, Kermit the Forg, Clancy, Bruce Monster, Roosevelt Franklin, Count von Count, the Countess, Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats, Little Jerry, Big Jeffy, Chrissy, Rockin' Richard, Snitch Whistle, Stuie Monster, Don Music, Talking Tree, Frazzle as The Pirates


Guy Smiley: I've got cabin fever!
Mr. Johnson: I've got it too!

Simon Soundman and Maurice Monster: CABIN FEVER!

Sam the Robot: I got cabin fever it's burning in my brain
Forgetful Jones: I've got cabin fever it's driving me insane
Placido Flamingo, Harvey Monster and Kermit the Forg: We got cabin fever, we're flipping our bandanas
Been stuck at sea so long we have simply gone bananas

Everyone: Ariba!
Chica chica boom
A chica chica boom boom chic
Chica chica boom
A chica chica boom boom chic

Kermit the Forg, Clancy and Bruce Monster: We got cabin fever we've lost what sense we had
We got cabin fever, we're all going mad

Roosevelt Franklin: Grab your partner by the ears
Lash him to the wheel
Do-si-do step on his toe
Listen to him squeal
Allemande left, allemande right
It's time to sail or sink
Swing your partner over the side
Drop him in the drink

The Countess: We got cabin fever
Count von Count: No ifs, ands, or buts
The Countess: We're disoriented
Count von Count: And demented
Count von Count and The Countess: And a little nuts

Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats: Ach du lieber Volkswagen car
Sauerkraut and wienerschnitzel
Und the wunder bar


Little Jerry and the Monotones: We were sailing, sailing the wind was on our side
Snitch Whistle: And then it died

Stuie Monster: I've got cabin fever
I think I've lost my grip

Don Music: I'd like to get my hands on
Whoever wrote this script

Talking Tree: Si!

Frazzle: I was floating 'neath a tropic moon
And dreaming of a blue lagoon
Now I'm crazy as a loon

Everyone: Cabin fever has ravaged all aboard
This once proud vessel has become a floating psycho ward
We were sailing, sailing headed who knows where
And now though we're all here
We're not all there
Cabin fever!

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