• Bert as Anna
    Bert and Ernie as Anna and Elsa (final)
  • Ernie as Elsa
  • Zoe as Kristoff
  • Oscar the Grouch as Hans
  • Big Bird as Olaf
  • Snuffy as Sven
  • Cookie Monster as Oaken
  • Huxley as The Duke of Weselton
  • Miss Finch and Grouchland Mayor as The Duke's Thugs
  • The Count as Spanish Dignitary
  • Sully as Irish Dignitary
  • Maurice Monster as German Dignitary
    Bert and Ernie - Do You Wanna Build a Snowman (2)
  • Grundgetta, Gary Grouch, Grizzy, Osvaldo el Grunon, Irvine, Grandpa Grouch and Granny Grouch as Palace Guards
  • Elmo and Abby as Kai and Gerda
  • Cookie Monster as Marshmallow
  • Roosevelt Franklin, Biff, Forgetful Jones, Big Jeffy, Dr. Nobel Price, Murray Monster, Grover, Guy Smiley, Narf, Honkers, The Big Bad Wolf, Curly Bear, Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Stuckweed, Bug, Little Bird, Buster the Horse, Gladys the Cow, Frazzle, Bip Bippadotta, The Martians and Little Jerry as Arendelle Citizens
  • Maurice Monster as Cliff
  • Bruce Monster, Stuie Monster, Harvey Monster, Googel, Mel, Phoebe, Clancy, Merry Monster, Ruby Monster, Herry Monster, Rosita and Seven Giant Teeth Monster as Trolls
  • Leo the Party Monster as Gothi the Troll Priest
  • Julia as Bulda
  • Telly and Rosita as The King and Queen of Arendelle