• Big Bird as Kermit the Frog
  • Rosita as Miss Piggy
  • Baby Fats Domino, Rocky and "I'm a Baby" Lead Singer as Babies
  • Granny Fanny Nesselrode, Granny Bird and Grandmother Happy as Guitarist Old Lady, Pianist Old Lady and Agnes Stonework
  • Merry Monster, Ruby, Enormous Athlete, Spalding Monster, Furline Huskie, Max, Uncle Talbot, Harry Monster, Bruce Monster and AM Monsters as Pigs
  • Little Bird, Placido Flamingo, Miss Finch, Madame Chairbird, Daddy Dodo, Mommy Dodo, Donny Dodo, Marie Dodo, Poco Loco, Ralphie, Red Bird and Leo Birdelli as Frogs
  • Farley as Scooter
  • Telly Monster as Rowlf the Dog
  • Snuffy as Fozzie Bear
  • Grover as Gonzo
  • Prairie Dawn as Camilla
  • Lulu as Yolanda Rat
  • Elmo as Rizzo the Rat
  • Cookie Monster as Animal
  • Count von Count as Dr. Teeth
  • Hoots the Owl as Zoot
  • Zoe as Janice
  • Clancy Monster as Chester Rat
  • Herry Monster as Floyd Pepper
  • Harvey Monster as Masterson Rat
  • Kermit the Forg as Tatooey Rat
  • Dimples the Dog as Baskerville the Hound
  • Bert as Beaker
  • Baby Bear, Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Curly Bear and Flo Bear as Bears
  • Forgetful Jones as Beauregard
  • Joey Monkey as Bert
  • Rosalyn as Beth Bear
  • The Grand High Triangle Lover as Biff
  • Sam the Robot as Big Bird
  • H. Ross Parrot as Bill
  • Little Chrissy as Bobby Benson
  • Hard Head Henry Harris as Bubba
  • Ernie as Bunsen Honeydew
  • Fred the Wonder Horse as Buster the Horse
  • Elizabeth as Clementine
  • Horatio the Elephant as Cookie Monster
  • Little Jerry as Count von Count
  • Harvey Kneeslapper as Crazy Harry
  • Roxie Marie as Deena
  • Maurice Monster as Dinger
  • Stinky the Stinkweed as Droop
  • Slimey the Worm as Elmo
  • Davey Monkey as Ernie
  • The Geefle, the Gonk and the Martians as The Fazoobs
  • Ingrid as Female Koozebanian Creature
  • Frazzle as Flower-Eating Monster
  • Furry Godmother as Foo-Foo
  • Floyd the Fluter-Tooter as Forcryingoutloud Bird
  • Headline Howie as Forgetful Jones
  • Little Murray Sparkles as Gaffer
  • Benny Rabbit as George the Janitor
  • Alfred Duck as Gil
  • Professor D. Rabbit as Gramps
  • Don Music as Grover
  • Grizzy as Grundgetta
  • Sonny Friendly as Guy Smiley
  • Murray Monster as Herry Monster
  • Lady Agatha as Hilda
  • Baby Tooth as Homer Honker
  • Dark Green Funky Funk Monster as Sky Blue Honker
  • Light Green Funky Funk Monster as Pink Honker
  • Grundgetta as Irvine
  • Small Bird from "The Bird Family" as Jill
  • Lefty the Salesman as J.P. Grosse
  • Sully as Julius Strangepork
  • Guy Smiley as Lew Zealand
  • Biff as Link Hogthrob
  • Old McDougal as Lips
  • Bruno the Trashman as Lothar
  • Loretta as Lou
  • Sherlock Hemlock as Louis Kazagger
  • Big Jeffy as Lubbock Lou
  • Aristotle as Luncheon Counter Monster
  • Roosevelt Franklin as Mahna Mahna
  • Humphrey as Male Koozebanian Creature
  • Stuie Monster as Marvin Suggs
  • Fenwick as Maurice Monster
  • Bonnie Rabbit as Mildred Huxtetter
  • Deena as Mona Monster
  • Mom Bird from "The Bird Family" as Mrs. Appleby
  • Warren Wolf as The Newsman
  • The Big Bad Wolf as Oscar the Grouch
  • Clementine as Pearl
  • Honkers as Penguins
  • Professor Hastings as Pops
  • Garbo Gorilla as Quongo
  • Indigo as Robin the Frog
  • Oscar the Grouch as Sam the Eagle
  • Tony (Anything Muppet) as Sherlock Hemlock
  • Mr. Between as Simon Soundman
  • Kingston Livingston III as Slim Wilson
  • Smart Tina and Suzetta Something as The Snowths
  • Norman as Sully
  • The Amazing Mumford as The Swedish Chef
  • Herbert Birdsfoot as Telly Monster
  • The Busby Twins as Two-Headed Monster
  • Snitch Whistle as Uncle Deadly
  • Simon Soundman as Uncle Traveling Matt
  • David Finch as Whaddayasay Bird
  • Preston Rabbit as The White Rabbit
  • Baby Breeze as Zeke


Rosita: He'll make me happy
Each time I see him
He'll be the reason
My heart can sing
He'll stand beside me
And I'll have everything

Big Bird: She'll make me happy
Each time I hold her
And I will follow
Where my heart may lead
And she'll be all I'll ever need

Baby Fats Domino, Rocky and "I'm a Baby" Lead Singer: Days go passing into years

Granny Fanny Nesselrode, Granny Bird and Grandmother Happy: Years go passing day by day

Merry Monster, Ruby, Enormous Athlete, Splading Monster, Furline Huskie, Max, Uncle Talbot, Harry Monster, Bruce Monster and AM Monsters: She'll make him happy
Now and forever

Birds: Until forever
Their love will grow

Farley, Telly Monster, Snuffy, Grover, Prairie Dawn, Lulu, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Count von Count, Hoots the Owl, Zoe, Clancy, Herry Monster, Harvey Monster and Kermit the Forg: She only knows
He'll make her happy
That's all she needs to know

Everyone: They'll be so happy
Now and forever
Until forever
Their love will grow

Rosita: I only know
He'll make me happy
That's all I

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