Sesame Street/Looney Tunes is a parody with Sesame Street clips and Looney Tunes audio.


  • Big Bird as Bugs Bunny
  • Snuffy as Porky Pig (both tell Grover and Daffy Duck to say sit on an egg)
  • Grover as Daffy Duck (both like to tells Big Bird and Bugs Bunny)
  • Huxley as Yosemite Sam
  • Prairie Dawn as Petunia Pig
  • Rosita as Melissa Duck
  • Zoe as Lola Bunny
  • Elmo as Tweety
  • Telly as Pepe Le Pew
  • Ernie as Bertie
  • Bert as Hubie
  • Thomas (from Thomas and Friends) as Road-Runner
  • Diesel (from Thomas and Friends) as Wile.E Coyote
  • Marty (from Madagascar) as Barnyard Dawg
  • Alex (form Madagascar) as Foghorn Leghorn (Both get cold water pail of water by Marty and Barnyrad Dawg)
  • Leonette (from Jungle King) as Prissy Leghorn
  • Rico (from Madagascar 1 2 and Penguins of Madagascar) as Taz
  • Tom Cat (from Tom & Jerry) as Sylvester (both are cats)
  • Tom Cat Jr. (from Tom & Jerry Kids) as Sylvester Jr. (both are kittens)
  • Kit (from Talespin) as Speedy Gonzales
  • Oscar as Marvin the Martian
  • Cooler (from Pound Puppies) as Elmer Fudd (both like to see Big Bird and Bugs Bunny and Grover and Daffy Duck)

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