• Betty Lou as Miss E


Betty Lou: I feel extremely weak.
Poor little me, Miss E.
Too weak to work or speak.
Poor little me, Miss E.
I've got to
exercise, exercise,
exercise, jiggle my toes.
E, E, exercise, wiggle my nose.
Will you help exercise, everybody?
Wiggle your nose and jiggle your toes.
I'm getting stronger now
I'll be a new Miss E
Now that I'm learning how
You'll see a new Miss E
I always exercise, exercise,
exercise, reach up high
E, E, exercise, reach the sky.
Everybody, reach up high, reach the sky. Stretch!
I feel extremely good
Look out for me, Miss E.
Strong as a person should
Here comes the real Miss E
because I exercise, exercise
when I'm alone
E, E, exercise my funny bones.
Everybody, do you know where your funny bone is? It's your elbow.
E, E, exercise, exercise, exercise.
E, E, exercise, exercise, exercise, exercise, exercise.

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