• Forgetful Jones as Mr. P


Forgetful Jones: I've got pointy, pointy patches
From my shoulders to my shoes,
Pointy patches on each elbow and
each knee.
Sewn up with pointy patterned stitches,
Pointy patches on my britches,
They're as pointy as a pointy patch can be.
I'm Mr. P.
Purple patches, yellow patches,
Red and blue and green.
Perfect powerful prettiest patches
you have ever seen.
I'm like a paper picture postcard
Pasted up with postage stamps.
I've a patch from every part of this country.
From Paducah down to Natchez,
People praised my pointy patches,
Pointing out each patch that matches patched-up me.
Mr. P.
Proud to be.
Mr. P.
Pointy patches.

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