* Ernie as TJ

* Bert as Vince

* Cookie Monster as Mikey

* Zoe as Gretchen

* Elmo as Gus

* Rosita as Spinelli

* Kermit as Principal Prickly

* Miss Piggy as Miss Finster

* Oscar as Dr.Phillium Benedict

* Sam the Eagle as Bald Guy

* Dr.Bunsen Honeydew as Dr.Rosenthal

* Grover as Randall

* Honkers as Kindergartners

* Count von Count and Big Bird as Guard 1 and 2

Voice cast

Andrew Lawrence as Ernie

Rickey D'Shon Collins as Bert

Jason Davis/Robert Goulet as Cookie Monster

Ashley Johnson as Zoe

Courtland Mead as Elmo

Pamela Segall as Rosita

Dabney Coleman as Kermit

April Winchell as Miss Piggy

James Woods as Oscar the Grouch

Clancy Brown as Sam the Eagle

Tony Jay as Dr.Bunsen Honeydew

Ryan O'Donohue as Grover

Various Voices as The Honkers

Diedrich Bader and Dan Castellaneta as Count von Count and Big Bird




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