• Grover as Gonzo
  • Elmo as Rizzo the Rat
  • Oscar the Grouch as Ebenezer Scrooge
  • Mr. Johnson as George the Janitor
  • Lady Agatha as Whatnot Woman
  • Sherlock Hemlock as British Pig
  • Harvey Monster as Boppity
  • Frieda as Aretha
  • Jamie Fox as Porcupine
  • Pestie as Inkspot
  • Benny Rabbit as Rabbit
  • Simon Soundman as J.P. Grosse
  • Sheep as Sheep
  • The Super Foods as Singing Vegetables
  • Willy Muppet as Vegetable Seller
  • Little Bird, The Log Bird and David Finch as Pigeons
  • Chip and Dip as Cats
  • Lefty the Salesman as Beggar
  • Leo the Party Monster as Purple Monster
  • Fenwick as Mudwell the Mudbunny
  • Rosemary as Murray the Minstrel
  • Billy Monster as Begoony
  • Twiddlebugs as Mouse Family
  • Margaret as Geri
  • Teresa as Geri and the Atrics drummer
  • Astronaut as Geri and the Atrics pianist
  • Telephone Operator as Mrs. Appleby
  • Betty Lou as Yolanda Rat
  • Charlie (Anything Muppet), The Busby Twins, Kingston Livingston III, Loretta, Mario, Hard Head Henry Harris, Baby Breeze, Suzetta Something and Smart Tina as Children
  • Roosevelt Franklin as Punch and Judy Puppeteer
  • Harvey Kneeslapper and Mr. Between as Punch and Judy Puppets
  • Buster the Horse as Richmond the Horse
  • Fred the Wonder Horse as Horse
  • Farmer Frankie as Mr. Bitte
  • Professor Hastings as Pops
  • Anything Muppets as Whatnots
  • The Big Bad Wolf as Wolf


Mr. Johnson: When a cold when blows it chills you
Chills you to the bone

But there's nothing in nature that freezes your heart
Like years of being alone

Sherlock Hemlock: It paints you with indifference
Like a lady paints with rouge

Harvey Monster: And the worst of the worst
Frieda: The most hated and cursed
Harvey Monster: Is the one that we call Scrooge
Unkind as any and he wrath of many
This is Ebenezer Scrooge

Everyone: There goes Mister Humbug
There goes Mister Grim
If they gave a prize for being mean
The winner would be him

Sheep: Old Scrooge he loves his money
Cause he thinks it gives him power

The Super Foods: If he became a flavour
You can bet
he would be sour

Willy Muppet: "Even the Super Foods don't like him!"

Little Bird, The Log Bird and David Finch: There goes Mister Skinflint
There goes Mister Greed
Chip and Dip: The undisputed master of
The underhanded deed

Lefty the Salesman and Leo the Party Monster: He charges folks a fortune
For his dark and drafty houses
Fenwick, Rosemary and Billy Monster: Us poor folk live in misery
Thomas Twiddlebug: It's even worse for Twiddlebugs

Tina Twiddlebug: [speech] "Please, sir! I want some cheese."

Margaret, Teresa, Astronaut, Telephone Caller and Betty Lou: He must be so lonely
He must be so sad
He goes to extremes

To convince us he's bad
He's really a victim of fear and afraid

Look close and there be a sweet man inside...

Everyone: There goes Mister Outrage
There goes Mister Sneer
Roosevelt Franklin: He has no time for friends or fun
Harvey Kneeslapper: His anger makes that clear

Buster the Horse and Fred the Wonder Horse: Don't ask him for a favor
Cause his nastiness increases

Farmer Frankie: No crust of bread for those in
Twiiddlebugs: No cheeses for us Twiddlebugs

Grover: Oscar liked the cold. He was hard and sharpas a flint.. secretive. Self-contained. As solitary as an oyster.

Everyone: There goes Mister Heartless
There goes Mister Cruel
He never gives he only takes
Lets his hunger rule

Margaret, Teresa and Telephone Operator: If being mean's a way of life
You'd practice and rehearse
Sherlock Hemlock and Harvey Monster: Then all that work is paying off
'Cause Scrooge is getting worse

Everyone: Everyday in every way
Scrooge is getting worse

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