Sesame Street/SuperMarioLogan


Version 1

  • Big Bird as Brooklyn T Guy
  • Oscar as Chef Pee Pee
  • Snuffy as Black Yoshi
  • Elmo as Toad
  • Zoe as Rosalina
  • Cookie Monster as Atso
  • Two–Headed Monster as Mario/Luigi
  • Herry Monster as Gumbo
  • Abby Cadabby as Emily Coleman
  • Count von Count as Craig The Devil
  • Natasha as Jackie Twu
  • Gordon as Charleyyy
  • Susan as Judy
  • Luis as Jackie Chu
  • Gabia as Samantha
  • Forgetful Jones as Harold Wilfred
  • Clementine as Peach
  • Miles as Philipe
  • Maria as Bowser's Mom
  • Grover as Joseph
  • Grover's Mom as Joseph's Dead Mom
  • Benny Rabbit as The Hop Hop Bunny
  • Murray Monster as Cody
  • Mr. Johnson as Goodman
  • Simon Soundman as Mr Winkle
  • Telly Monster as Bowser Junior
  • Biff as Jeffy
  • Ernie as Bowser
  • Bert as Steinback
  • Rosita as Bowser's Ex Wife
  • Barkley as Chompy

Version 2

  • Big Bird as Bowser Junior
  • Elmo as Toad
  • Bert as Chef Pee Pee
  • Ernie as Bowser
  • Prairie Dawn as Rosalina
  • Snuffy as Brooklyn T. Guy
  • Count Von Count as Craig The Devil
  • Grover as Jeffy
  • Baby Natasha as Jackie Twu
  • Rosita as Emily Coleman
  • Grundgetta as Peach
  • Oscar as Black Yoshi
  • Cookie Monster as Mario
  • Zoe as Toadette

Version 3

  • Ernie as Bowser Junior
  • Grover as Toad (Like Good Friends to Ernie and Junior)
  • Bert as Chef Pee Pee (Both Grumpy, Vain, Rude and Always in the Shadow of Ernie and Junior)
  • Zoe as Judy
  • Elmo as Bowser
  • Oscar as Black Yoshi
  • Big Bird as Jeffy
  • Bug as Chompy

Version 4 (don't edit)

  • Ernie as Toad
  • Bert as Jeffy
  • Grover as Bowser Junior
  • Oscar as Chef Pee Pee
  • Elmo as Mario
  • Zoe as Rosalina
  • Rosita as Toadette

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