Sesame Street/TUGS is a parody with Sesame Street Footages and TUGS Audio


  • Big Bird as Ten Cents
  • Cookie Monster as Big Mac
  • Telly Monster as OJ
  • Grover as Top Hat
  • Snuffy as Warrior
  • Ernie as Hercules
  • Elmo as Sunshine
  • Gordon as Captain Star
  • Oscar as Zorran
  • Sam as Zebedee
  • Sid Sleaze as Zak
  • Ernest as Zug
  • Donald Grump as Zip
  • Grandpa Grouch (Oscar's Grandfather) as Captain Zero
  • Bert as Grampus
  • Zoe as Lillie Lightship
  • Maria as Sally Seaplane
  • Luis as Billy Shoepack
  • Mr. Johnson as Boomer
  • Count von Count as Sea Rogue
  • Rosita as Pearl
  • Kermit the Frog as The Coast Guard's Messenger